Our Services

We are Chandigarh based Graphics, Image Editing and Web-Design service provider. We provide all type of image solutions such as colour correction, cut-out, image enhancement, background removal etc. We also provide other graphics & Web Design solutions such as Brochure design, Logo design, corporate identity, Poster, Banner, Responsive Website Design, Social Media banners.

Image cut-out

Image cut-out we also called it clip path. We need clip path for separate main image from unwanted background. There is other tools in Photoshop to done this process but we use pen tool for better quality. We provide image cut-out services in affordable prices. We ensure that we fulfil your requirement on time.
Where we can use Clipped images.
For Ecommerce websites, Brochures, Flyers, posters, Banners and other print material. read more...

Photo Retouching

For your portrait images a virtual makeover with photo retouching tools to touch up your images. Tools which we use including airbrush, red-eye remover, wrinkle remover, teeth whitening, eye makeup, and more depends on requirement. read more...

Image Enhancement

Image enhancement used in computer graphics. The main objectives of image enhancement techniques are to process the raw image and produce better results through Photoshop tools. There is various types of tools available in Photoshop such as colour correction, levels, colour contrast, image resize and many more.read more...

Image manipulation

Image manipulation is combination of photography and graphic design. Combining design elements to create a different image that can attract any body. Image manipulation needs good experience and skills in design area. If we need an image which is not possible to shoot directly though camera then we uses image manipulation. Manipulation of an image gives a realistic view of an unreal image. read more...

Drop shadow

Using Photoshop layer styles we can add multiple effects in an image. In same way we can add drop shadow for multiple products or images. Drop shadow gives 3D effect in 2D image. Basically we use drop shadow for showing depth in an image. With drop shadow we can highlight any image or text. There are many types or shadow tools in Photoshop such as drop shadow, inner shadow, outer glow and other tools to create effects. read more...

Vector to Raster

In graphics world, two types of images one is Raster and one is Vector. For example Photoshop is Raster software and illustrator and coral draw is vector based software’s.
Raster:- When you “zoom in” any image it will lost its quality and edges of image looking blurred. Means this is the maximum size of image which you can get.
Vector: - In coral draw and illustrator we can create vector graphics. Means you can achieve maximum size of graphics element which you want. read more...

Logo & corporate identity

Imagefry.com deals with graphics designs along with its advertising service area. We fill desire into each design created graphically via latest techniques and strategy. The main attribute is texts, logos, symbol, designs, colour and images are helping us to build outstanding graphic design.

Web design and development

Web Design and Development the production for particular client and when such process takes place in website designing. In this website is designed according to client needs. This can be little complicated because clients need variety of stuff there.
Ecommerce Web Designing is vital to store which can make or break a sale. The quality of website design tells a lot of about your online business. In Ecommerce website user searches the item and buys them.

Graphics Design

Creative spark coupled with expertise in graphic design capabilities, a wide range of experience and a commitment to quality that ensures you receive the best graphic design services.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies and techniques used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine - including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.